Eurocell, a Family Story

Eurocell was founded by the Finotelli family in 1988 as a manufacturer of formats, sheets, hamburger separation discs and shreds in Cellophane™ and polypropylene.

In 2002 it acquired the company Cellbust s.r.l., whose production is focused on other packaging products such as block bottom bags and heat-sealed bags. This step marked an unequivocal step in Eurocell s.r.l.’s production and sales activities, allowing the company to consolidate its market position as a manufacturer of a wider range of items for food packaging.

In 2010 the company passed down from founder Anselmo to his sons Marco and Luca, who began a corporate innovation process which first led to attainment of UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification in 2014, and then expansion of production capacity with additions to the company’s range of machinery in 2016.

A further investment, combined with the merger by incorporation of Eurocell s.r.l. and Cellbust s.r.l., was transformed into new premises befitting the new businesses. It is therefore, to all extents and purposes, a new company with legal headquarters, offices, warehouses and production of hamburger separation discs and sheets in Cento (FE), and operational premises for the production of bags in Palestro (PV).

Experience and Innovation at the Service of the Customer


Eurocell works to create items suitable for all uses, and is continually searching for new facilitated and functional solutions for those who have to adopt them in their production and sales cycle. At the same time, high priority is given to ease of use for the end customer.

A key element is the customer’s product and its entire life cycle: from the best possibility to preserve their products and  safe transport, to solutions which facilitate storage, management and visibility.

We believe that our product should take care of the customer’s product”: only cutting-edge, certified and carefully selected offerings can satisfy the numerous requirements characteristic of the different market categories in which our customers operate.


Eurocell s.r.l. founded and added to the local register of companies


Acquisition of the company CellBust s.r.l., expanding and diversifying the choice of products


The young Finotelli brothers, Marco and Luca, take over running of the company, providing continuity to the family business


Eurocell obtains EN ISO 9001 certification


The acquisition of new machinery increases production capacity and improves business responsiveness


Eurocell evolves: the new facility takes shape and becomes operational in record time despite COVID-19. Eurocell s.r.l. becomes even more proactive

Eurocell new look