Flat bags in plain 20 micron microperforated coextruded (COEX) polypropylene

Eurocell offers  flat bags in plain 20 micron microperforated coextruded (COEX) polypropylene.

These bags are ideal for products which release moisture, as they are microperforated, but with a non-perforated bottom to hold any crumbs.

The flat bags are made from transparent and ODOURLESS MICROPERFORATED COEX polypropylene.

The flat bags are heat sealed.

The flat bags have food-safe and recyclable symbols printed on the non-microperforated base.

Flat bags made from plain microperforated coextruded polypropylene can be supplied in custom sizes with personalised flexo printing in up to eight colours.

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The flat bags in 20 micron plain microperforated coextruded polypropylene are suitable for contact with foodstuffs of DAILY CONSUMPTION such as:

  • Bread
  • Rolls
  • Pizza
  • Croissants
Le buste piatte in polipropilene COESTRUSO microforato neutro

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