Quality and Environment

Our Quality Management System is one of the tools that, through internal process control procedures and the monitoring of our suppliers, guarantees the highest possible product and service quality standards.

In May 2022 Eurocell obtained the BRCGS PACKAGING MATERIAL certification, issued by the British Retail Consortium (the association of UK retailers). The BRC standard sets a benchmark for all packaging manufacturers by offering guidance in the production of safe packaging and product quality management. This Standard is now a valuable reference point for all packaging manufacturers, recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), an international body whose main aim is to strengthen and promote food safety throughout the entire food supply chain. BRCGS certification, therefore, further raises the quality levels of the products and services provided to customers.

In a world where concern for the environment is becoming increasingly important, Eurocell is committed every day to defining programmes and objectives in the sustainable development of its economic, social, and ecological activities.

Our commitment is expressed through important choices such as the installation of photovoltaic power systems and our intention to obtain certifications such as the Carbon Footprint, an environmental indicator that measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by a product, service, or activity.

Eurocell has now decided to obtain product Carbon Footprint certification, as per international standard UNI EN ISO 14067:2018. This assessment expresses the total amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced in the manufacture of a product (including its end-of-life phase), taking into account all inputs and outputs in the production process.

Biodegradable and compostable bags, discs, and sheets are available from Eurocell. In order to complete the Compostable line, the entire company is working towards obtaining compostability certification also for its block bottom bags.

The choice of NatureFlex™ material is based on the history of the brand and its guarantee of consistent quality over time. This is how Eurocell can guarantee its customers a high-performance product with the least possible impact on the environment. The NatureFlex™ product category is based on a compostable film, that is a material that originates from the wood pulp of responsibly managed forests.

This product line is the perfect solution to the market’s ever growing need for products with minimal environmental impact: thanks to the OK Compost HOME certification, it makes the result of the composting process, i.e. compost, accessible also for domestic use.  Our aim is to be increasingly present in people’s homes in order to avoid waste and guide them towards a focused and less polluting use of packaging.

Eurocell’s main goal is customer satisfaction