Food Packaging

in NatureFlex™ and Polypropylene since 1988

Eurocell imballaggi per alimenti
Eurocell packaging alimentare


Eurocell transforms food-grade Cellophane™ and polypropylene into block bottom bags, block bottom bags with sealed bottom, gusseted and flat heat-sealed bags, sheets, and hamburger separation discs in Cellophane™, white baking paper and pink polyethylene. Biodegradable and compostable food-safe packaging in NatureFlex™.

Sacchetto a fondo quadro trasparente in polipropilene bilaccato

Transparent block bottom bags in polypropylene

Sacchetto a fondo quadro in NatureFlex biodegradabile compostabile

Transparent block bottom bags in NatureFlex™

Buste termosaldate con fondo risvoltato in polipropilene

Heat-sealed gusseted bags in polypropylene

Buste soffiettate termosaldate con fondo risvoltato in Cellophane NatureFlex™ biodegradabile e compostabile

Heat-sealed gusseted bags in biodegradable and compostable NatureFlex™

Customised Packaging

Our block bottom bags, block bottom bags with sealed bottom, gusseted and flat heat-sealed bags and sheets can be customised to customer requirements in terms of size and image.
The secret is giving our customers not only high-quality products, but also experiences which remind the user of the brand and provide a real WOW!

Customised Packaging Mockup

Packaging which returns to the Earth

Creating a sustainable world, together

For more than ten years, Eurocell has been focused on respecting our planet and looking for the right raw materials for the production of a completely GREEN product range.
Eurocell purchases and transforms the ultra-high quality biodegradable and compostable NatureFlex™ material, which holds OK compost INDUSTRIAL and OK compost HOME certification. As well as holding stock of block bottom bags and heat-sealed gusseted bags, Eurocell can supply customised dimensions and printing. This range of products also includes biodegradable and compostable sheets and discs of various sizes.

A Family Story

Our history is that of a far-sighted family company which combines experience and innovation with the goal of protecting, preserving and enhancing our customers’ high-quality products. We are always on the lookout for new solutions and more suitable, more sustainable, cheaper and safer raw materials. Our strength is genuinely our customer base, our secrets are perseverance and the desire to make a difference.